Transactional, Advisory or Wealth

We offer a variety of different services depending on each client’s financial needs. The first half hour consultation is free for everyone and you are under no obligation. Thereafter there are three different options which we call transactional, advisory or wealth.

This means we provide advice on a one-off basis for a product you currently require. Our ongoing service will be limited to providing occasional mailings of products we think you may be interested in (unless you opt out). Any further advice is ‘as required’ only when you contact us, there will be no proactive ongoing review of your financial situation.

Initial review meeting

  • Take time to understand personal circumstances
  • Identify objectives & priorities
  • Explain & agree investment risk profile
  • Agree costs & next steps
  • Charge agreed for on-going work at initial meeting

Strategy preparation and reporting

  • Provide a summary of priorities and objectives
  • Research results from the whole of market
  • Create an overall investment strategy, including risk profile, objectives, consideration of the tax considerations
  • Build an appropriate portfolio
    • Other specific review/report services are provide
    • Review of pre-existing investment portfolio
    • Review of existing income & capital protection arrangements
    • Inheritance tax mitigation
    • Pension transfer service

Follow up meeting – face-to-face explanation of strategy

  • Explain full rationale for the recommended strategy
  • Answer any queries and discuss expectations
  • Help reach an informed decision on how best to proceed

Implementation of strategy

  • Provide all the necessary paperwork
  • Assist with completing paperwork Submission & tracking applications
  • Confirmation communication
  • Liaison with professional Advisers as required
  • Ongoing service provided at a charge agreed at the initial meeting

Annual Review

  • Pre-arranged telephone meeting once a year to review the portfolio and update knowledge of personal situation, risk profile and product performance
  • Provide a consolidated portfolio valuation statement
  • Comment on portfolio and recommend any appropriate changes
  • Implement changes as required
  • Provide updated consolidated portfolio valuation in the event of changes

Access to an adviser

  • Additional access to an adviser with unlimited telephone and e-mail access
  • News letter
For clients with complex financial needs we provide a more comprehensive professional service to ensure that their financial portfolio is in the most effective shape possible. Our relationship with our wealth clients is very much a personal and individual one, tailored to their needs. There are several different steps to our wealth management service.

Preparation – Initial and follow up meetings

  • We spend time getting to understand each individual’s specific needs
  • Review the features benefits and return of any existing investment portfolio or investment plans
  • Research options available from the whole of market
  • Consider inheritance tax mitigation, pension transfer services and income options at retirement
  • Create an investment strategy taking into account risk profile, objectives, tax position
  • We prepare a personal strategy report which is used as the basis for a second meeting, where the rationale is explained, options can be explored and queries or changes made
  • Provide specific review/report services as required

Implementation, annual review and ongoing service

  • Assist with completing any necessary paperwork
  • Submit and track applications
  • Liaise with professional advisers and providers
  • Annual review of portfolio and requirements
  • Annual face to face meeting
  • Implement any changes
  • Provide a consolidated portfolio valuation statement (frequency can vary up to a maximum of one report per quarter)
  • Unlimited access to an adviser, priority response to emails (within 24 hours)
  • Newsletter
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