JB Wealth Management Ltd are experts in providing advice to individuals and businesses on protection insurance and the security this provides. We recommend Vitality (formerly PruProtect and PruHealth) as our provider of choice for health and protection products.

Vitality Life

VitalityLife aims to protect people’s financial security by providing a range of protection products.

Not all protection is the same. VitalityLife offers not only the right level of protection but also rewards that help encourage employees to stay healthy for less.

Vitality Optimiser offers clients the very best of VitalityLife by giving them access to all Vitality’s exclusive reward partners, plus an upfront discount on their protection premiumsWhen you choose Vitality Optimiser, you get:

  • Lower protection premiums for your first year – from 5-40% upfront discount depending on your plan
  • Clients protection premiums can go up or down in future years depending on if they engage and do healthy things
  • Exclusive rewards, including a cinema ticket every week and money off travel and accommodation.
  • The opportunity to earn up to £100 cashback every year if they look after their health.

Minimum monthly premiums and a monthly fee applies.

Vitality healthy livingrewards , where you can earn points for doing healthy things and the more points you gain the bigger the rewards. The rewards selected are designed to help you rest, relax and live life well.

Save money on things that are good for you – Every insured person receives discounts on health screenings, stop smoking sessions and fitness equipment.

Useful tools to understand and monitor health – Access to a range of tools to help you or your employees understand and monitor their health, and set goals to improve it.

The discounts and rewards with Vitality’s Partners, offer help to clients to get healthier, and save money. Everyone’s well rewarded with VitalityLife

VitalityLife helps clients save money and get healthy, and rewards them for their efforts. We want your clients to live life well and we’re here to help them do it. The discounts and rewards we offer help clients get healthier, and save money at the same time.

Our reason for offering discounts and rewards is simple. If clients lead a healthy lifestyle they could add years to their life and significantly reduce their chance of illness. This means that they are less likely to claim.

Vitality has worked with scientists and academics to ensure the discounts and rewards offered encourages clients to live a healthy lifestyle. Together they’ve identified lots of things they can do to get healthy. They give clients discounts with our health partners such as half price health screens, as well as useful tools to help them understand and monitor their health, and set goals to improve it.

To help clients track their progress Vitality give them points for doing healthy things. This counts towards their Vitality status. Everyone starts on Bronze and can move up to Silver, Gold and finally Platinum. The higher their status, the more they could get back.

Terms and conditions are available at: www.pruprotect.co.uk/rewards/terms/