Health Insurance

Employers may wish to provide private medical cover as part of their employee benefits package. In many sectors, especially in time of low wage rise this is a basic benefit employees expect to receive.

Group rates tend to be much more competitive than an individual would get on their own for private healthcare plans (so the perceived benefit is higher than the cost to the employer).

  • We research a range of providers on behalf of the employer and provide the best choice available for their company.
  • We can implement and administer the chosen scheme, which reduces the time an employer needs to spend
  • We can help with communication and administration to ensure that a workforce understand and value these enhanced benefits from their employer
  • We can assist with the application process. Pre-assessments of employees health may be needed prior to being accepted onto a scheme – policy documentation and further advice is required to fully understand what any policy covers

If you want professional advice on health insurance and other employee benefits contact us.