How we work

JB Wealth Management Ltd. follow a carefully designed financial planning process so that you know exactly what is happening at each stage of its five steps.


   Will be open, honest and transparent with you at all times and believe that honesty is the best policy
   Will act with integrity in everything that we do (our reputation depends on it)
   Believe in delivering on our promises to you and ensuring that we do what we say we will do
   Believe that you have every right to expect value for money from us
   We are committed to working with you to help

Fees incurred for our professional services will depend on the type of advice you want and the level of relationship you wish to have with us, either over the short term or on an ongoing basis. We take pride in our fees being transparent as we will agree actual amounts on a case by case basis dependent upon the amount of work involved. We will of course provide you with a full explanation of our fees prior to any work being carried out.

Generally speaking:

The engagement meeting and basic information gathering will be at our expense to allow us to find out exactly what you want and provide a guide to our charges.

Please ask for a copy of our tariff of charges that details the full range of services available and will show examples of associated costs. VAT may be payable for some of our services, depending on the nature and level of service you require. We look forward to working with you to help you build a secure and prosperous future.

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