Business protection is one of the best ways to safeguard a business. Whether it’s Key Person cover, Shareholder Protection, Loan Protection or a Key Life policy, Vitality has a variety of solutions for business. There is a range of protection products to choose from;

  • Life Cover – helps you protect your business if a key employee, shareholder or partner dies.
  • Life cover (with disability cover for business) – can be added to life cover for enhanced protection against serious injury or illness.

You can use Life Cover or Life Cover with Disability Cover for business to protect your business in three ways

  1. Key Person Cover
  2. Protect your profits if you lose an employee through death, disability or severe illness
  3. Shareholder or partnership protection

Vitality Health and Vitality Life help you keep control of your business, if a shareholder or business partner dies or suffers a severe illness. In addition to having the flexibility to manage protection as your business changes you also have the added benefits of Vitality which we know employees value.

Income Protection Cover

Can start paying a regular income in as little as 7 days for sole traders

Loan Protection

Covers business loans if a shareholder or a business partner dies or suffers a severe illness

Employee Life Insurance

An SME employee benefits package which give big business benefits for small businesses.

Relevant Life Cover

Sometimes known as relevant life cover is a cost-effective alternative or ‘top-up’ to group death in service benefit with access to Vitality a healthy living rewards programme. Relevant Life Cover is a tax efficient way of arranging life cover for employees – a tax deductible business expense and no NI contributions.